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Astronomy studies

A solar system is full of diverse elements. With every closer look, for example by using the special probes, astronomers can explore new and surprising facts. Comets are small icy worlds, spending most of their existence far from the Sun. An original constitution of the solar system is preserved in them, and therefore perhaps an answer to the question, of how the solar system originated 4.5 billion years ago. For a long time people just wandered, how the surface of comets looks like. Only in the last thirty years the efforts of our parents and grandparents culminated, so that we can construct and send probes to the nuclei of comets, observing their surfaces, detect their constitution, and explore more and more intriguing secrets, which might be surpsisingly related to the Earth and life on it.

(Lenka Trojanová works in Observatory and planetarium in Hradci Králové)

Meeting of artists and FAMU students around the theme of astronomy. During two summer nights, we will be involved in observing stars and constellations, using inexpensive as well as professional telescopes, making various time-lapse recordings.


Friday 3.6.

  1. 20:00 - Lecture by Lenka Trojanová about the nature and observation of comets and asteroids

  1. from 22:00 - Demonstration of professional telescope & observing night sky

Satturday 4.6.

  1. 20:00 - Lecture by Michal Kindernay about new media artists, whose work is related to astronomy,  

               cosmic rays, interplanetary music and manufacturing of miniature sputniks. 

  1. 23:00 - music jam for stars and other worlds