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yo-yo is a non-profit organization started in March 2009 by collective of artists, curators and cultural organizers.  

for us yo-yoing means above all:
    - creating and playing with ideas and codes
    - organizing common projects, shifting the borders of the disciplines
    - discovering of a new spaces for art creation
    - sensitivity to environment and reflecting the changing situations around
    - initiating and supporting the experiments at the intersection of art, ecology and (new) media 
    - preparing the Kravín: space for creation, education, discussion
The word yóyo according to wikipedia comes from Philippine llokano language, or from Tagalog language, where it meant "come-come" or "return".

Members of yo-yo:

Lenka Dolanová is art historian, curator and researcher of the border between art, ecology and (new) media. Studied art history at the Faculty of Art of Charles University in Prague and audiovisual studies at FAMU in Prague,finalized with the thesis on the pioneer of video art of Moravian origin Woody Vasulka. Currently working as editor of visual arts section of cultural bi-weekly A2 (www.advojka.cz). Developing the Kravín project of ecological media art centre of Vysočina. 
Michal Kindernay is intermedia artist working with interactive connections of sound, image, and other inputs, in an environment of interactive computer applications designed for work with sound and image. His previous works include video performances and installations and interactive projects. In cooperation with Guy van Belle he works on Art Pollution Kit instrument and also in Kravin project

Magdalena Kobzová is cultural manager, critic and curator. In 2006 and 2007 organized Summer Open Academy for 13m3, workshop-based event examining collaboration and experimentation between art, technical and humanities fields. Worked in A4 - Zero Space in Bratislava. Involved in coordination of Multiplace network culture festival.

Gívan Belá is an artist and (de)emerging member of yo-yo