The singing kites

    On Saturday October 18 2014 in the afternoon at 4pm a kite happening is taking place on a meadow bellow the Hradiště Hill, Hranice (between Libice nad Doubravou and Maleč).
    From Wednesday, October 15 till Friday, October 17 2014 there is an open workshop in which everyone can try to construct kites of unusual shapes and colours, and sonify them in different ways. Kite maker and artist Jan Poupě together with artists Guy Van Belle, Gert Aertsen, and Michal Kindernay will help you. An event for all ages between 7 and 77. Send an email for registration for the workshop to (so we make sure there are enough materials). Admission and participation free.

    On Saturday come for our special kids workshop (starting at 2pm). Some materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring yours as well.