RUB Kravín 2011

Lidová univerzita Kravín

/ RUB Kravín 2011 – 2012

The series of meetings at Kravín and elsewhere have the theme of “Rural vs. Urban at the Border“ (RUB). We want to interconnect urban and rural experiences, exchange the working methods of the art organizations from various cities and villages, and involve the locals in a dialogue.

The practice of gardening is more and more popular in the cities. Artists become involved in beekeeping, guerrila gardening initiatives, but also in the discussions concerning the city public spaces. On the other hand, we can observe the re-emerging of the old idea of “rural paradise” as a retreat of artists. We would like to explore the variations of the traditions, festivities, myths and hi/stories, but also try to start introducing new traditions, across the urban – rural, ecological – artistic, novice – specialist spheres, and to make the change in our surrounding spaces.

In cooperation with our partners Stanica, Žilina, Zárečie, Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru, Okno, Fundacja-Zmiana Organizacji Ruchu – ZOR a Nina Czegledy, an artist and curator from Hungary – we will prepare walks, workshops, conferences, discussions, screenings, concerts, and other activities in the village Hranice u Malče (Vysočina, CZ), as well as in Prague. During our trips to Poland and Slovakia we will explore the rural and urban eco-cultural situation of these countries. The final eco-conference in November will bring all these activities together.


Please register for the events at: info[at] (registration is necessary for preparing sufficient material for the workshop)

All the events are public and free of charge. If you need help with finding accommodation in the area (or if you wish to camp in the Kravín garden), please let us know.

Project created with the support:

European Cultural Foundation

International Visegrad Fund

Magistrát hl. m. Prahy