On a different soil – Conference program

THURSDAY, November 10, 10 am – 5 pm, concert from 7:30 pm

Utopias and metamorphoses of today’s gardens and gardeners
10 am – 1 pm

• Gívan Belá – Introducing the project Time Inventors’ Kabinet
• Jan Albert Šturma – An encounter of a locust tree and a toothbrush on a dissecting table: metropolitan vegetation surrealism

• Petr Gibas – Prague allotment gardens: rich past, restless present, uncertain future
• Miloš Vojtěchovský – Tranquility Zones
• Barbara Benish – Art Mill. Center for Sustainable Creativity
• Martina Ivičič – Surreal story of an emergence of „in vivo“ art



Artists – gardeners from the cities (case studies)
2 am – 5 pm

• Lorena Lozano (ecoLAB / Laboral, Gijón, Spain)
• Polonca Lovšin (KUD Obrat, Ljubljana, Slovenia) / Beyond a Construction Site, August 2010 – present
• Siiri Kolka (MoKS – center for art and social practice, Mooste, Estonia)
• Nina Czegledy (Budapest, Hungary)  GreenArt – Budapest
• Annemie Maes (Okno, Brusells, Belgium) – Seeds and the city: a dive into Brussels OpenGreens
• Verena Kuni (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) – Poisoned Grounds: Fallen Fruit, Wicked Plants and Borderline Foraging (audio stream)


7:30 pm   CONCERT In the WInd
• Ofer Smilansky & Isjtar Vandebroeck – 2, squared, then cubed
• David Šmitmajer & Jiří Rouš – LUFT -  Self-contented disharmony disturbed by structure

FRIDAY November 11,
11:11 am – 6 pm
• 11:11:11   Filip Kavka Smiggels – slow – baking – workshop

In the wind – art of the ecological time I:
Orchards, roads, gardens
1 am – 3 pm

• Gívan Belá – Katastrofa & vítr
• Michal Šimonfy – fruitmap.sk (http://www.fruitmap.sk/)
• Jan Freiberg – Starý sad (http://www.starysad.cz/)
• Jiří Zemánek & Tomáš Hrůza – Pilgrim, o.s.
• Miloš Šejn – Zahradničení (http://www.sejn.cz/home/gardening)
• Stadlnova (http://www.stadlnova.net)
- Milota Sidorová – Destination: Fiction. There and back again
- Srdan Ivkovic – Private borders
- Eva Brániková – Our Utopian Garden
- Jürgen Rendl – Getting lost in Stadlnova
• Kyd Campbell – The Hanging Garden



In the wind – art of the ecological time II:
Seeds, insects, wind

3.30 pm – 5:30 pm

• Akile Nazli Kaya – The People Who Try to Save the World (documentary movie, 2011)
• Hanka Nováková – Furry artist under the pines’ bark. A film about the culture in the wood (doc. movie, 2011)
• Polonca Lovšin – Back to the City (video animation, 2011)
• Barbara Benish – Ubiquity
• Alexander Prokop – Nano-airscrews

• Jiří Suchánek – SPIN 7
• Michal Kindernay – Camera altera
• Gert Aertsen – ATKNv2

EXHIBITION Where the wind blows
10. – 13.11. NOVÁ SCÉNA (Národní 4, Praha)

Gert Aertsen
Installation, Voršilská garden
ATKNv2 is a test setup to explore the storage of energy carried by wind, and use it to produce sound. The goal is, within the TIK project, to install clocks which communicate with each other over the TIK network, using TIK time, sharing the information carried by the wind.

Camera Altera
Michal Kindernay
Installation, podesta of Nová scéna
     Camera Altera is a sensoric audiovisual instrument, sensitive for the light, temperature, humidity, sound and air quality, and equipped with camera, microphone and sensors. It analyzes the surrounding environment, generating independently image and sound material. The programmer is Peter Morihladko. Project is realized within the frame of grant SGS in CAS – FAMU, Nanoskop and TIK project. (http://www.yo-yo-yo.org/camera_altera.html)

Connected OpenGreens database
Annemie Maes
Online database, foyer of Nová scéna
     The Time Inventors’ Kabinet connects local OpenGreens in an international network of experimental gardens where artists work with natural processes. In the OpenGreens, the Time Inventors document the beauty of nature in data, and classify and archive their notes and findings here.


The Laundry Clock
Barbara Huber
Installation, foyer of Noveá scéna
     The wind-clocks “produce” time when moved. Laundry is usually associated with female
unpaid labor – washing, hanging up, ironing, folding, putting it in the cupboard, using them (and then the cycle starts again). Clocks are actually advancing time, while secretly representing cyclic movements.


TIK wind clocks (typ Leonardo)
TIK (team of artists)
Installation, rooftop of Nová scéna
Prototype of TIK wind clocks (Leonardo type) generating e.g. wind speed and direction data.

Jiří Suchánek
sound object, Voršilská garden
An electronic, mainly sound object, creating consonances of seven tones based on the speed (and disparity) of the wind flow in various places. An interactive musical composition generates the wind with the help of seven air vessels, whose sensors continuously send data about the actual turning of them.
The object was made with the support from The City of Prague for (A)VOID Gallery.


Gívan Belá & Yo-yo
Installation – audiovisual documentation, foyer of Nová scéna
The documentation of the project Vítr, a small marching bands festival, playing in the rhythm of the wind in Hranice u Malče, Vysočina.

Visualization of the wind
Kryštof Pešek
podesta of Nová scéna
     The visualization of the wind parameters, based on the real-time data stream from the wind clocks located on the roof of Nová scéna. Wind is the element, which dominates the whole TIK project, and calculates a new – ‘non-linear’ time.

The Hanging Garden
Kyd Campbell (CA/DE) & Nara Silva das Virgen Merlitz (BR/DE)
Installation, foyer of Nová scéna
     The Hanging Garden is a DIY hydroponic system (without soil, plants live in water) that allows people in urban places to grow their own plants, built with the use of recycled materials. This project comes from the open source plans made by the Window Farms project. Once the growth circuit is built, it is easy to care for.

WORKSHOP with Kyd Campbell, Tue – Wed, Nov. 8 – 9, 10 am – 4 pm, Nová scéna (cloak- room of Nona café and foyer)

Visit and help-out while we build-up The Hanging Garden, a DIY hydrophonic system made from recycled materials, with Kyd Campbell and Nara Silva das Virgens Merlitz. Part the exhibition, there will be the possibility to adopt the plants and garden set-up after the exhibition is over. More info here: frontierlab.org and windowfarms.org.

NIGHT ARCHAEOLOGY CLASS with botanist Jan Albert Šturma, Sat, Nov. 12 from 9 PM, meeting point: Bertramka tram stop

You are invited to a nightly field trip through the periphery of Prague. You might see the dark stations, steppes, bushes, old factories and cemeteries, allotment gardens and manors. Making of the shrub fire is probable. We will walk through the south-west city boundary, meeting at 9 PM at the Bertramka tram stop (first stop above Anděl in direction to Řepy).

Expected route: Malvazinky – Vidoule – Kalvárie – Zličín – Krteň – Řeporyje – and further according to your time and appetite, expected ending: sometime in the morning.