On/Off vol. 4
    26 – 27. 6. 2015

    PLAKAT final

    more: http://hraniceonoff.blogspot.cz


    Documentation of ALOTOF – CONVERGENCE festival —>   DSC06630 vlcsnap-2015-05-04-09h20m07s134


    ALOTOF – KONVERGENCEposter_web

    Praha – Zastráň – Hranice  Brussels, Nantes  St. Nazaire

    On April 23-24 a series of events, the pinnacle of the two-year project Alotof – A laboratory on the open fields will take place. The goal of the project, running since 2013, is to transfer artists activities outside the studio and galleries into the countryside, creating a long-term project in the field of ecological media art. The activities incude workshops, exhibitions, and meetings, and the artists interact with the public, exhibiting new forms and new approaches in artmaking.

    The project culminates with the Konvergence festival, taking place in several places, and hosted by these cities: Prague, Brussels, Nantes, St. Nazaire among others. Each organization works with local artists, and thanks to the PVC (People’s Vision Collector),
    the active spaces of the festival will be connected in real time. A complete video document of the festival will be presented, using recordings from events from the summer of 2013 to the fall of 2014 in Vysočina, and in other countries of the partner projects.

    More information: here



    ZAKRA! A spring series of permaculture workshops in Železné hory



    Accomodation for participants will be provided at vegetable farm Zastráň – necessary to reserve in advance. For questions and registration go to: lucie.pelouchova@gmail.com (I) lenka.dol@gmail.com (II).

    Would you like to know the principles of permaculture gardening? Are you thinking about establishing your own permaculture garden? Would you like to change your boring fields into a sustainable and self-sufficient flourishing and edible garden? Come to Zastráň and Hranice!

    Organized by Yo-yo and KRA – Kravín Rural Arts within the project Alotof – A laboratory on the open fields.



    Urban Beeing / Včely ve městech

    The apiary tells you, my sister: salvation comes from collaboration

    The exhibition in Školská 28 Communication Space in Prague is dedicated to city beekeeping and artistic projects involving bees. At the opening on November 20th, Bioni Samp will perform. On Friday 21st from 6 PM, the discussion with urban beekeepers and artists takes place.

    Bioni-Samp-tf 1


    The singing kites, KRA, Hranice u Malče (Saturday, October 18)


    We shifted the event to October, from various reasons… Perhaps it will be more windy on the meadows. We are looking forward to see you in Železné hory. We will build special singing kites during the workshop with Jan Poupě, Guy Van Belle and others. On Saturday bring your kids. Then we fly them all together (kites, not kids).

    Days of Vysočina open studios October 4 – 5

    This year we decided to join the traditional Vysočina event of opening the local artist studios, and open kravín. You can come to see the documentation of the previous events (Posedy, above all, but also others), and listen to the sound installation. We will be open on Saturday 2 – 6 pm, on Sunday 11 am – 2 pm.



    Posedy, hunters and animal paths

    dokumentace zde

    August 18 – 24

    Artists are invited to make installations for the hunters’ seats (posedy) around Hranice u Malče and Libice nad Doubravou in Železné hory. These installations will be visited together on Saturday 23/8 afternoon. The artistic hunt will end in an animal ball, strictly vegetarian as opposed to the hunters’ balls, and you are requested to dress like a deer, hare, … not like a hunter!


    WHOLE YEAR 2014 PROGRAM HERE: Yo-yo 2014, a little calendar


    Nowina Land Art Festival

    June 20– 22

    Kind invitation to a small village art festival, which we organise within the frame of Visegrad fund with polish art organisation Nowinart. Our polish partners prepared a lot of workshops, performances, presentations etc. Please check more information here)

    nowinart landart festival


    On/Off /// 28. 6. 2014

    The same as last and previous year, for the third time, last Saturday in June, the music festival On/Off (well, not really a festival), hosted by KRA and organized by Moth Catchers group from Chotěboř.



    ART ON BIKE //June 4 – 8, 2014 // Kemes, Hungary

    A 5 days long art camp in the south of Hungary. Kemes is a small village where many art camps and exchange programs take place regularly. Between the 4th and the 8th of June, we have a short but very intensive workshop. We make an experiment connected to art and bicycles. Why? Because we are interested in green art and sustainable design, in installations that work with renewable or smart energy. We created a “power bike”, which can generate and keep electricity. Our aim is to convert kinetic energy to electricity, and connect an art piece with the energy generator bike. Thus we can generate energy watching a movie or operating an instrument, but we can also put a light or music sculpture into motion. The result is open, it will be developed together with participants via online discussion and realized at the art camp. Realized within the project RurArtMap, with the support of International Visegrad Fund. For more information and registration, please contact: Hajnal Szolga “Szaffi”, saffy.smart@gmail.com, 0036707748564.


    Springly-summer gardening brigáda


    May 29 – June 1, 2014: Gardening brigáda at Kravín/Hranice, with a presentation of the new 2014 printed, and online version of, RurArtMap, and a visit to the opening of the land art exhibition “Seno, sláma” in Jihlava. Plus: building a greenhouse, planning and making of a Plotof (Playroom on the open fields) for all the new kids on the block, and tour around the “posedy” (hunters’ watch towers) with artists. On Saturday afternoon, a workshop about seeds takes place. The event starts on the evening of May 29th with a visit to the opening at the OGV gallery in Jihlava, but you can join us also the next day immediately in Kravín/Hranice. Accommodation and food can be provided at a nearby eco-farm. More HERE.


    Fruit of Art (Dúbravica, Slovakia)

    Our partners Periférne Centrá organize an event in Dúbravica village. It concerns fruit trees, bees, garden labs, several artists will work on their projects and we will present online version of our RurArtMap!




    October 25 – 27, 2013

    For a gardening weekend in our emerging laboratory on the open field Kralab in Hranice u Malče we will welcome the volunteers, who would like to help with planting the old tree and bush species, cleaning the garden before winter and building the outside lab. We can warm you up with mirabelle brandy, the accommodation is provided at the nearby vegetable farm, and vegetarian food is a sure thing.

    During the weekend, a trip around the hunters’ hides will take place, as part of planning for an event “Posedy” taking place in late summer 2014. Its idea is to transform (pro tempore) the local hides by artists. More about what we plan within Alotof project HERE. And about Kralab progressing HERE.



    A series of events connected with solar energy will take place at the end of June – beginning of July in Hranice. It will freely start on Saturday June 29 with a series of concerts, organized – as well as last year – by local Moth Catchers collective. (A special invitation will follow). In the afternoon you can attend various garden workshops. Vegetarian food and bar available.

    On Wednesday July 3 – Sunday July 7 solar workshops with Berlin-based artist Ralf Schreiber will take place. He is involved in minimal robotics, sound installations, self-preserving systems. His playful works produce tiny sounds and movements, deal with weak energy transformation processes. He is author of solar engine suneater getting energy from sunlight.

    The idea is to use solar energy to develop artistic tools for gardens – for example solar-based modular system for environmental data monitoring (temperature, humidity, pollution of soil and air), as well as little solar sound objects – crickets.

    On Saturday afternoon, a special solar workshop for kids takes place. In the evening a concert together with workshop participants (solar, naturally).

    Organized within the framework of ALOTOF [A Laboratory On The Open Fields] project, also a new activity of mapping the rural arts – RurArtMap – will be introduced.




    ALOTOF [A Laboratory On The Open Field]

    Project, prepared for 2013 – 2014, has the aim to research rural and urban gardens as spaces for work of artists, to set up an outside art laboratory, and to develop various “practical”, as well as “art” gardening tools using natural processes and energies.



    Rural paradises?

    Festival about art, culture, and ecology in the villages

    July 6 – 8, 2012, Hranice u Malče, Vysočina

    The aim of the meeting of cultural, artistic and ecological organizations and individuals based in the rural context is to offer a new view of the countryside as a resource for artists, and present various initiatives taking place in the countryside. The festival freely follows the conference On a different soil (November 2011, Prague), which dealt e. g. with the city approach to gardening. It takes place in the rural area, in the old cow-house.


    Hranice On/Off 30-6-12

    Music festival takes place on June 30th 2012 in Kravín in Hranice u Malče

    Yo-yo hosts a series of concerts and additional program, prepared by the group Moth Catchers Collective from Chotěboř.

    Yo-yo on the road

    Yo-yo invites you for two events, the culmination of the project aimed at interconnecting the urban and rural spaces (RUB: Rural-Urban at the Border), taking place in our partner organizations (Stanica Žilina-Zárečie and Okno in Brussels):


    MAY 11 – 13, 2012

    OKNO, iMal aND Q-02

    (Koolmijnenkaai 30 – 1080 Brusel)

    Two-year-long collaborative experiment with time. Yo-yo has participated as one of the associated partners in the project Time Inventors’ Kabinet [TIK], which comes to a head during the festival in May. The resulting projects devising future in ecological time, translating environmental information into sound and image, or interconnecting city gardens and gardeners, will be presented.

    A festival. An exhibition. Talks and dialogues. A market place. A publication. Streams. Presentations. Demonstrations. Discussions. Walks. Workshops. Seeing Wind Time. Tasty drinks & snacks. All about other views on the world.


    JUNE 2, 2012

    Stanica Žilina-Zárečie

    An afternoon with Yo-yo at Stanica, aimed at insect and wind. In a short workshop, we will construct the bumblebee nest boxes – simple and practical dwellings for bumblebees for every garden, and sow the melliferous plants, as a contribution to joyous co-existence with insects in the city.

    The installation Vítr, which is the result of the marching band festival in Hranice u Malče in October 2011, will be presented – you can bring your own instruments, become the part of the installation and play in the rhythm of the wind. The garden activities will be recorded by Wind camera. The recordings from both installation will be shown in the evening.

    The evening with Compagnie En Croq: Funky Pudding follows:

    The performance with the elements of commedie de’ll arte, grotesque as well as drama is a radical critique of capitalism and western civilization. It points to the inbalance between the individual and society, people and surplus, people and garbage. It is an interactive play, appreciated by the audience, engaged in environmental and societal themes.

    On a different soil. Growth in art, society and culture

     documentation here

    An international conference, organized within the framework of the project TIK – Time Inventors’ Kabinet / and as an accompanying program of Science and Technology week 2011.


    RUB Kravín 2011

    This year’s meetings at Kravín have the theme of “Rural vs. Urban at the Border“ (RUB). We want to interconnect urban and rural experiences, exchange the working methods of the art organizations from various cities and villages, and involve the locals in a dialogue.


    Astronomomy studies – documentation

    older projects: here